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We would like to introduce ourselves as a Cast Iron casting manufacturer and S G Iron casting manufacturer. Pooja Technocast Group is currently producing about 20,000 Metric Ton Casting per annum. The product mix is about 30% Noduler Iron casting & 70% CI Casting. The company is exporting about 35% of its production to countries like USA, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland etc.

With complete integration of latest technologies and quality systems, we at Pooja Technocast strive to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction. To become customers' first choice perpetually, Pooja Technocast team is aligned to provide best solutions to its valued customers in terms of quality, cost, development and delivery. We have adopted customer centric strategies and believe that this would ensure the satisfaction of all the Customers, Employees etc. Our customers include several prominent companies in India and abroad. We have extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying components to various standards and specifications.

We have Total land area capacity of 3,50,000 square feet and Build up area is 1,00,000 square feet. Here we can produce castings from 1 kg to 100 kg single piece weight in Moulding Machine and 101 kg to 800 kg by Hand Moulding. Production facility include Induction Furnace, fully automatic sand plant molding line, Arpa350, Arpa600, Shell Core Shooters, Cold Core Shooters, Sand Cooler, Knock out, Shot Blasting, Paint Coating, Chemical Lab, Physical Lab and Machine Shop etc. India is emerging as a global manufacturing source for auto parts. Many auto OEMs are out sourcing their casting requirement from East European countries, India & China.

Pooja Technocast has turned around mainly through strong management initiatives like productivity improvement focusing on high end products, cost reduction measures etc., making full use of the uptrend in the market. Pooja Technocast had got plans to enlarge its operations to capitalize on the growing demands for castings.

Pooja Technocast Group will have a total capacity of 35,000 MT per annum of Grey Iron and SG Iron casting and it is planned to export 50-55% of the products from this foundry in near future.

The focus of the current investments is to ensure that the quality standards improve considerably to meet the domestic and export customers in addition to increasing delivery capabilities.

Pooja Technocast will strive to reduce the new product development time to service the customer faster.

I believe that Pooja Technocast will become one of the leading foundries in this part of the world with the ability of producing high end castings for international market with competitive price and enhanced quality levels.

The team in Pooja Technocast are relentlessly working towards this objective.

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